Large Scale Benchmarking

The eGovMon project carries out accessibility benchmarking of the Norwegian municipality web sites at regular intervals.

eGovMon Large Scale eAccessibility Benchmarking Testrun 01/2009

The results have been obtained according to the Unified Web Evaluation Methodology (UWEM) version 1.2, which is based on WCAG 1.0. In an automated process the eGovMon system downloads a random sample of web pages from each web site and performs 23 different accessibility tests. The results from the tests are summarised into the UWEM web site accessibility score. The score represent the ratio of failed tests among all tests applied to the web site. For example 0.2 means that 20% of the accessibility tests failed.

Note that a good result from automated accessibility testing does not guarantee successfull experience for all users of the the web site. On the one hand not all accessiblity barriers can be identified by automatic testing. On the other hand individual conditions not covered by the tests might influence the experience of the user.


The data presented here is provided for informational use only, and is based on an automated assessment of web site data to rate the content accessibility of a web site for users with disabilities. The system that produces the data has bugs, flaws, and omissions, both known and unknown. Data collection and assessment are performed over an extended time, and thus the score given to a web site may not correspond to the current state of that web site. Thus, the data may not be reliable, and there is no warranty for its accuracy and completeness. eGovMon and its associated institutions offer no warranty and make no claim of usability or merchantability and cannot be held responsible for any damages, even in the case of negligence. You must bear the entire legal liability for damages stemming from your use or distribution of the data.