(2012 September)

You can explore the results from the most recent benchmarking as well as from previous results. The results reflect the situation at the time of the checks. A new check can give a different result since a page may have changed in the meantime.

There are several starting points: You can view the list of all site results or select individual sites to explore more details. You can also look at the tests that failed most often and compare how the web sites perform for a specific test. For a high level overview of the situation the eAccessibility map or the barrier site distribution can be useful.

Please note that the scores presented here are based on automated evaluation only. Individual users may have a different experiences.

  • Timeperiod for checks: 1970-01-01 - 1970-01-01
  • Number of checked sites:
  • Checked pages:
  • Average score: Score colour red 0.0%

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